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My daughter has been taking weekly flute lessons with Clare from year 7 to year 13, taking her from grade 4 to beyond grade 8. As she comes to the end of year 13 I will really miss listening to the beautiful music they make. Clare has always been incredibly supportive and understanding, always one step ahead when it comes to balancing music exams against academic pressures. But above all she has been a true inspiration and I know my daughter will always value her music training. Amanda.


Clare initially taught our son the fife at first school when he was 7. The natural progression was the flute and Clare has taught him this from when he started aged 9 until now in Year 10. In all totalling 7 years of weekly lessons. He has always enjoyed the lessons. As a family we are not naturally musical, however Clare has encouraged and supported Thomas and brought the best out in him to be a competent flute player who enjoys playing his flute. Clare has increased his confidence tremendously and he now happily plays in various groups. I could not recommend Clare highly enough. Jo Ryman. 


I was taught flute by Clare for a few years while I was at school, and I highly recommend her to any flautist. Clare is always very friendly and knowledgeable, giving instruction on how to play a piece stylistically while also covering why; which I found particularly helpful as it allows me to apply the lessons learnt from one piece and apply it to other similar pieces. As flute was not my first instrument, Clare realised that I would progress rapidly and made sure that the pace of the lessons would match. Consequently, during few years she taught me I was able to progress from nothing to Grade 8, and also a Trinity Advanced Performance Certificate, and covering several key pieces of flute repertoire along the way. Michael Kearley.

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Clare has been teaching my son the flute for the last 3 and a half school years, since year 7. During this time, he has progressed from a complete beginner to a very proficient grade 5 player. It has not been all about the grades, as he has learnt many styles, including his favourite, Jazz. I have been very impressed with how Clare has taught Luke - building on his technique and his repertoire at a constant pace, identifying areas that need work, whilst encouraging his strengths. Clare has also taught Luke to grade 5 theory standard, which is helping in his GCSE music studies. If you or your child is thinking of learning the flute, I would thoroughly recommend you have Clare as a teacher. Susan.

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Clare is my flute teacher. I still don't believe the amount of progress that Clare and I have achieved over the short period of 3 years. I enjoy playing the flute in my spare time, and I believe that Clare will help me to continue to improve so I can do my grade 8 before I leave school. Luke.

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It has been an absolute pleasure working with Clare. She has taught several of our children over the years during private lessons and whole class sessions. She is always very patient and moves the children on beautifully. The content in her lessons are fun and engaging. It has been lovely for our staff to learn the clarinet along side her which has been positive for their own CPD and as an extra support to the children. Thank you Clare, you will be missed! Stacey.


I have been a student of Mrs Hale since the very beginning back in 2010 and now, in 2019, I am going on to study music at the University of Manchester looking to specialise in flute performance after having got a distinction in my grade 8 in 2018. Mrs Hale is a brilliant teacher who can get the best out of you with a mixture of encouragement and constructive criticism and most importantly making every lesson enjoyable. It’s going to be sad to move on but at the same time very exciting embarking on the next stage of my musical journey. Thank you Mrs Hale! Cameron.

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Knowing Clare and her work over many years I can without hesitation recommend her to any aspiring flute player. All best with your continued giving and sharing. Ian.


Mrs Hale has taught me flute from year 7 through to year 13. In this time I have progressed from grade 4 to achieving a distinction in my grade 8 last year. Thanks to Mrs Hale, I have progressed hugely as a musician and this has had a wonderful impact on my life throughout secondary school and sixth form, allowing me to join orchestras and multiple other ensembles which I have enjoyed so much and I hope to continue playing my flute when I go to university next year. Mrs Hale has been the most supportive teacher and the quality of her teaching has been excellent. I couldn’t have asked for a better flute teacher. Katie.

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